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Introducing the new Controlled Fluidics Website

Have you taken a spin around the Controlled Fluidics website lately?  If not, it’s worth a minute of your time to see what’s new. With the following a new website design project, visitors can now enjoy three websites for the price of one.

Controlled Fluidics has two sides to its business: bonded manifolds and machined plastics; the company needed a website that represented both aspects (while still promoting our umbrella business).  After considering different options, the Controlled Fluidics team decided on a “three in one” approach. 

If you visit the site, you will discover it has a sleeker, more user-friendly navigation system and brighter colors.  The text in the “Markets We Serve” and “About Us” sections has been updated to reflect CF’s latest services and capabilities.  

You will also have the opportunity to choose “Bonded Manifold” or “Machined Plastic.”  Clicking on either of these choices will take you to a subordinate website devoted to Controlled Fluidic’s specialization in that area.  The two sub-websites mirror each other.  The Bonded side describes various manifold products, including:

  • Bonded manifolds
  • Drilled manifolds
  • Injection molded manifolds
  • Microfluidics

Meanwhile, the Machined side offers pages about various machining processes CF offers, such as:

  • Plastic Milling
  • Plastic Turning
  • Micro Machining
  • Optical Machining

The Machined side also offers information about Controlled Fluidic’s support services, including polishing, printing, and design services.

Both sides give the visitor extensive information about the various plastics available for these processes—with information about tensile strength, heat and impact resistance, common uses, and other data that can help customers choose the best material for their project.

“We’re very pleased with the results of the website re-design project,” says Tom Rohlfs, President and Owner of Controlled Fluidics. “It should be very helpful for customers who are trying to select the best processes and materials to meet their needs.”

A premier certified plastics machine shop, Controlled Fluidics meets the needs of customers across numerous specialized industries — covering diagnostic instrumentation, semiconductor components, scientific devices, and more — with precision, efficiency, and speed. We consistently design and manufacture plastic components and manifolds, and we ship finished products to our clients with accuracy and speed. If you think Controlled Fluidics might be able to help you, contact us!