Plastic Machining with ABS Plastic

Pete Poodiack of Controlled Fluidics talks about ABS plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, but it’s more commonly known by its acronym ABS. This is a very popular thermoplastic used in a wide variety of applications. At Controlled Fluidics, we see this material used for enclosures, pipes, and fittings as well as for many other applications.

ABS is a relatively low-cost engineering plastic that’s easy to machine and fabricate. It’s also readily painted and glued. As a result, it’s a popular choice for prototypes.

However, it also has good stiffness and great impact resistance so it’s commonly used for structural or enclosure components.

At Controlled Fluidics, we can get ABS in both rod and sheet form in a wide range of sizes. The stock shapes are available in black or white.

Learn more about ABS plastic on our materials page, or contact us for more information.