Powering Innovation In Plastics Manufacturing

Streamlining Fluidic Design for Controlled Fluidics Customers

The Better & Faster Way

Controlled Fluidics and Flow Circuits have now teamed up to provide plastics manufacturing customers a new way to experience the seamless creation of their product from design to build.

Their revolutionary software empowers teams to draw, simulate, automate, and build fluidic systems with ease and precision. In a virtual environment, professionals can design and test different iterations in real time without spending weeks and thousands of dollars.

Flow Circuits understands the challenges that fluidics design and engineering often face. Traditional designing meant confronting intense complications, disorganization, and costly errors. Flow Circuits addresses these challenges by providing a streamlined, user-friendly design environment specifically for those in fluidics engineering.

Our Manufacturing Partnership Benefits


Enhanced Efficiency

Build useful and functional models quickly with Flow Circuits' drag-and-drop interface.

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Woman with an electronic tablet testing features in a theater.

Real-Time Testing & Simulation

Validate your circuit designs and ensure requirements before manufacturing.

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Acrylic fluidic manifold creation at Controlled Fluidics facility in Wallingford, Connecticut

Easy Transition to Manufacturing

Reduce errors and get to market faster without undue complications.

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what our collaboration means to the plastics Industry

Design & order manifolds with ease

Using the innovative platform and our integrated partnership, professionals can cut down order processing time and time to market after manufacturing.

Smooth transition to manufacturing 

Launch manufacturing quicker with less time and fewer resources spent in prototyping and validating over many iterations.

Build Detailed Systems Virtually

Flow Circuits' proprietary software puts the designer in control. Design detailed fluidics systems that use pumps, valves, and sensors to simulate real flow. No need for physical validation.

Validate Designs & Visualize Flow 

With Flow Circuits' testing and simulation features, now professionals can validate circuit designs in real time to ensure they meet requirements before manufacturing.

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For a limited time, create your entirely free Flow Circuits account to test out the software's features for yourself.