Fortifying the Future of Plastics

Sculpting the Future Together

Superior Plastic Crafting Through Material Mastery

Controlled Fluidics and Quantum AEP have joined forces to provide plastics manufacturing customers and clients a trusted way to experience the seamless creation of their product's build.

At the core of our partnership lies the unparalleled mastery of material knowledge and expertise. QAEP brings a legacy of experience in resin formulation and its impact on fluidic manifold design. They engineer specialized and common polymers that set the benchmark for high quality and performance. This partnership ensures that every product begins with the finest raw materials, setting the stage for excellence.

Our Manufacturing Partnership Benefits

Off-white polypropylene ring style part on a dark backdrop

Quality Assured Materials

Expect more durable, chemically resistant, and high performing components from specially sourced materials.

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Bonded acrylic manifolds with drilled features

Cost Effective Yet Reliable

Ensure peak performance and efficiency in your applications without destroying your budget.

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Thermoplastic Pellets

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

QAEP stands committed to sustainability. Their solutions are designed with the environment in mind.

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what our collaboration means to the plastics Industry

Order products without extra work

When taking advantage of our integrated partnership, professionals can cut down processing and manufacturing time without having to find another vendor for materials.

Start manufacturing sooner

Launch manufacturing quicker with less time and fewer resources spent in prototyping and validating over many iterations.

Create Stronger, Longer Lasting Products

Strong and reliable foundations can mean the difference between success and coming up short. Our partnership ensures that you get the right materials before challenges arise and compromise the project.

Customizable & Tailored Resins 

Some projects need a mixture of plastic resins to meet all their requirements. QAEP excels at creating unique resins that not only meet but exceed industry standards, setting new benchmarks for durability, reliability, and functionality through mutual innovative engineering.

We're starting a revolution in crafting plastic

This partnership isn't just a collaboration; it's a promise of quality. We look forward to your joining us in shaping a future where plastics are not just products but reflections of innovation, precision, and a commitment to excellence. Together, QAEP and Controlled Fluidics are working to redefine what's possible in the world of plastics.

Welcome to a future where partnerships aren't just formed; they're forged in excellence.