Manifold Design

Controlled Fluidics offers manifold design capability for those companies needing support on their fluidic system. Our engineers are experienced in selecting the right components to make your idea successful. From pump, valve and sensor choice to layout of a cost efficient, manufaturable manifold, Controlled Fluidics is capable in every step of the process. There are two basic approaches for design work.

  • Work on your design: A customer's design team has  a preliminary layout of the manifold and has selected the components. We provide design for manufacturing support to fine tune the manifold, focusing on cost reduction and manfuacturability. We provide material selection support and integrated hardware guidance. We will quote the cost for pototyping and production costs.
  • Provide a schematic: We will develop the layout given your working envelope and component selection.
  • Select components and working envelope: We develop a complete design for your manifold with all inputs and outputs.