Flow Circuits & Controlled Fluidics Establish New Partnership for Plastics

Revolutionizing Fluidics Design A New Dynamic Partnership Flow Circuits & Controlled Fluidics  In the world of technology and innovation, partnerships between companies from different sectors can often yield groundbreaking results. Such collaborations can spark creativity, pool resources, and drive the development of cutting-edge solutions. Today, we’re excited to unveil an exciting new partnership between Flow…

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Controlled Fluidics Helps Fight COVID-19

3D Model of Coronavirus

Controlled Fluidics & The Fight Against COVID-19 *Updated May 27, 2021. When a global pandemic hits, there are some professions you expect to become essential: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery store clerks, helpdesk workers at Zoom, and…the employees at Controlled Fluidics. That’s right. You may not have realized it, but COVID-19 created a demand for plastic…

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The Controlled Fluidics Plastics Blog Plastic Machining with Vespel Plastic By Tom Rohlfs | November 27, 2023 Pete Poodiack talks about Vespel plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication. Read More Plastic Machining with Ultem Plastic By Tom Rohlfs | November 24, 2023 Pete Poodiack talks about Ultem plastic…

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Introducing the New Controlled Fluidics Website

Controlled Fluidics Logo

Have you taken a spin around the Controlled Fluidics website lately? If not, it’s worth a minute of your time to see what’s new. With the following a new website design project, visitors can now enjoy three websites for the price of one. Controlled Fluidics has two sides to its business: bonded manifolds and machined…

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The Controlled Fluidics Difference

The Controlled Fluidics Difference Consistently designing and manufacturing cutting-edge plastic components and specialized manifolds for medical, research, aerospace, and defense Contact Us What separates us from the rest As a premier certified plastics machine shop, Controlled Fluidics meets the needs of our customers across numerous specialized industries. We take pride in our work that covers…

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What our Customers Are Saying At Controlled Fluidics, we take pride in delivering exceptional products and service to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and validation. Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our valued customers say about their experiences: REVIEW: ENGINEERING DESIGN FIRM “The chips you made for me on the last…

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Controlled Fluidics: A Look Behind the Curtain

question mark made from mechanical gears

Controlled Fluidics: The Insider’s Info Get the information that only few people know about Controlled Fluidics through this post. Principal & President Tom Rohlfs goes into some little-known details about the inner workings of the company.  A lot can change over thirty years, and plastic machining and manifolds are no exception. To say Controlled Fluidics…

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We’re passionate about specialized plastics CUSTOM PLASTIC MACHINING SINCE 2011 About Controlled Fluidics Controlled Fluidics specializes in plastic bonding and custom plastic assembly products. As a premier certified plastics manufacturer, Controlled Fluidics continually meets the needs of our customers across many specialized industries. Our “Big 4” industries are Aerospace, Life Sciences, Medical, and Industry Research. However,…

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