Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family

Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family Specialized plastics manufacturer Controlled Fluidics joins the multinational industrial flow product company Ingersoll Rand We are excited to announce that Ingersoll Rand has completed its acquisition of Controlled Fluidics. The leadership teams at Ingersoll Rand and Controlled Fluidics are excited about our future together and the opportunity to…

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Controlled Fluidics & Quantum Plastics Announce Partnership

Controlled Fluidics & Quantum Plastics Announce Partnership A Quantum Leap in Plastics Partnership Controlled Fluidics Joins Forces with Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics This groundbreaking development promises to change the world of fluidic components. Controlled Fluidics, headquartered in New Hampshire, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics, based in Delaware. This…

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Flow Circuits & Controlled Fluidics Establish New Partnership for Plastics

Revolutionizing Fluidics Design A New Dynamic Partnership Flow Circuits & Controlled Fluidics  In the world of technology and innovation, partnerships between companies from different sectors can often yield groundbreaking results. Such collaborations can spark creativity, pool resources, and drive the development of cutting-edge solutions. Today, we’re excited to unveil an exciting new partnership between Flow…

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Controlled Fluidics Helps Fight COVID-19

3D Model of Coronavirus

Controlled Fluidics & The Fight Against COVID-19 *Updated May 27, 2021. When a global pandemic hits, there are some professions you expect to become essential: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery store clerks, helpdesk workers at Zoom, and…the employees at Controlled Fluidics. That’s right. You may not have realized it, but COVID-19 created a demand for plastic…

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Controlled Fluidics: A Look Behind the Curtain

question mark made from mechanical gears

Controlled Fluidics: The Insider’s Info Get the information that only few people know about Controlled Fluidics through this post. Principal & President Tom Rohlfs goes into some little-known details about the inner workings of the company.  A lot can change over thirty years, and plastic machining and manifolds are no exception. To say Controlled Fluidics…

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