Exceptionally transparent materials ideal for life science applications

photo of coc cop

Why choose COC/COP?

  • Best in class transparency and light transmission
  • Biocompatible
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Low water resistance
  • Excellent durability

What are some common COC/COP applications?

  • Medical devices
  • Research components
  • Microfluidics applications

COC and COP share glass’s exceptional optical properties while also offering exceptional transparency, low birefringence, a high Abbe number, and high heat resistance. Unlike polycarbonate and acrylics, COC and COP exhibit moisture insensitivity, giving them an advantage over competing materials. The materials’ biocompatibility makes COC/COP great options for microfluidics and life science, although the unavailability of stock shapes is a potential downside.

Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
COC/COPExtreme transparency, high ABBE number, high heat resistance, biocompatibilityMicrofluidics components, research instruments, lenses, and medical devices

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