Chemically resistant material with near zero moisture absorption

Kel-F CTFE machiningWhy choose CTFE/KEL-F?

  • Dimensionally stable and rigid
  • Near zero moisture absorption
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures

What are some common CTFE/KEL-F applications?

  • Aerospace components
  • Life science components
  • Research devices
  • Food/pharmaceutical applications

CTFE, sometimes called KEL-F, is a dimensionally stable and rigid polymer known for it’s near zero moisture absorption, excellent chemical resistance, and an extremely wide range of operating temperatures. CTFE’s properties make it widely useful, although it is particularly well suited for use in aerospace, life science, laboratory, flight, and food/pharmaceutical applications. CTFE operates in temperatures ranging from -400F to 380F.

Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
CTFE/KEL-FChemically resistant, wide range of operating temperatures, near-zero moisture absorptionAerospace components, research devices, food/pharmaceutical applications

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