Delrin AF

Versatile, durable and chemically-resistant material that bridges the gap between plastic and metal

Photo of black delrin machining

Why choose Delrin AF?

  • Extremely low friction and wear
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Natural lubricity
  • Outstanding fatigue endurance
  • Wide end-use temperature range
  • Good electrical insulating characteristics

What are some common Delrin AF applications?

  • Mechanical: gears, bearings, pump impellers
  • Electrical: electrical switch components, electromechanical counter frames
  • Chemical: pumps and beverage valves, household water softeners, garden chemical sprayers
  • Environmental: marine fittings, fuel senders/modules, heater blowers

Delrin AF is a highly versatile plastic material with metal-like properties. Thanks to its chemical resistance, natural lubricity, and wide end-use temperature range, Delrin AF is well suited for projects in a wide variety of industries and operating environments. It is especially useful for components that require lubrication but must function without grease or oil.

Grade Processing Method Process Characteristics Product Characteristics Applications
100AFExtruded, Injection MoldedHigh viscosity resin used in easy-to-fill molds. PTFE fibers added to resin.Maximum unmodi-fied toughness;extrem-ely low friction and wear.Bearings, bushings,cams, and other anti-friction devices where extra tough-ness is needed.

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