ECTFE (Halar)

Durable material that is virtually unaffected by common corrosive chemicals

Why choose ECTFE(Halar)?

  • Flame resistance (VO)
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent weatherability
  • FDA and USDA certified

What are some common ECTFE(Halar) applications?

  • Fluid processing components
  • Chemical storage devices
  • Filters
  • Piping systems

ECTFE machined parts are virtually unaffected by most common corrosive chemicals. They have excellent chemical and mechanical properties, impact strength and a broad service use temperature to 300F. Partially due to its excellent weathering, Halar is more expensive than most plastics, and is more difficult to machine than others as well. Components in ECTFE offers extremely low permeability to liquids, gases and vapors. Halar machined parts have better chemical resistance and surface smoothness than PVDF.

Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
ECTFE(Halar)Chemical resistance, high impact strength, broad service use temperatureChemical processing components, filters, and piping systems

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