Machined Noryl®: Dimensionally Stable, Excellent Insulation

Why Choose Noryl®?

Noryl® is the brand name behind a modern plastic alloy composed of polyphenylene oxide and polystyrene. Noryl® is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. Controlled Fluidics often turns to this material for designs requiring low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion. Noryl® polyphenylene oxide has:

Heat-resistant black noryl machined plastic component for a medical research device
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good strength and stiffness
  • High dielectric strength 
  • Chemical resistance

Machining Noryl®

Noryl’s® moisture- and heat-expansion-resistant characteristics are the reason that milled Noryl® is one of the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available on the market. 

Machined Noryl® is extremely strong, even under impact. When machining Noryl® plastic, it has very high flame resistance and insulating properties in temperatures ranging from low to high. In fact, Noryl® can be used continuously with operating temperatures as high as 220℉/104℃ without thermal expansion.

One of the unique benefits of machining Noryl® is that it is one of only a few non-metallic materials that can be electroplated. This is due to Noryl’s® unusual and particular chemical composition. This brand of polyphenylene oxide alloy has a high dielectric strength of 500 kV/in, so machined Noryl® can be used as an electrical insulator without breaking down. 

Machined Noryl® Applications

Noryl® components have excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion make Noryl® one of the most dimensionally stable plastics available. It is also considered easy to fabricate. Noryl® comes in black as the standard color, but it is easy to paint and glue. 

The machinability of Noryl® makes it a go-to choice for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Life science and research instruments and implements 
  • Electrical components, housings, and insulators
  • Medical and surgical instruments and implements
  • Telecommunications components
  • Parts for scrubbers, vaporizers, water pumps, and other wet-operation instruments
  • Applications that require food contact (Noryl® plastics are FDA-compliant for contact with food.)

At Controlled Fluidics, we use several varieties of Noryl®, including:

  • Unfilled Noryl® EN265 plate up to 2” thick
  • 30% glass fiber reinforced Noryl® GFN3 plate up to 2” thick
Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
Noryl EN265Easy to machine, high dielectric strength, good impact resistanceElectrical housing and structural components, fluid handling applications
Noryl GFN3Low moisture absorption, hydrolytic stability, low warpageFluid handling, medical/healthcare components, food handling components

Working with Controlled Fluidics

Does Noryl® sound like the right material for your job? If you need a plastic that can handle moisture, heat, tight tolerances, and even electrical insulation, Noryl® could be an excellent fit. Not sure?   Talk to our engineers. They are experienced and highly qualified in matching materials with specific project parameters. 

At Controlled Fluidics, we take plastic precision and protection seriously. Whether you need to produce a single prototype or a full run in the thousands, our expert engineers and machinists are ready to help with your Noryl® machining needs. Let us give you a no-cost, no-obligation quote based on your project needs. Let us know how we can help with your project today.