Looking for a production-quality prototype? Controlled Fluidics plastics experts will work with you to develop your precision plastics pre-production component. You can expect free delivery of your high-caliber prototype within 1-2 weeks, and we will work with you and your engineers throughout the production process to ensure that the final product meets your unique requirements, ensuring predictability and quality.

Our prototype service will help you evaluate your pre-production part, built with the same close tolerances and commitment to quality as our regular production run when your demand scales up. Ready to get the pre-production process started? Contact us now! Let our expert engineering professionals assist you in creating the ideal prototype.


If you are ready to bring the precision and quality of a Controlled Fluidics component to your design, you need only specify the following*:

  • Your plastic material choice (our professionals can help you choose)
  • Threaded holes and any tolerances closer than +/- .005

*Although we accept other file types, SOLID MODEL/STP files are preferred.