Exceptionally tough and optically clear copolyester

Tecadur machined componentWhy choose Tecadur?

  • Extreme optical clarity
  • High radiation resistance
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Chemical resistance

What are some common Tecadur applications?

  • Research components
  • Pharmaceutical devices
  • Chemical technology applications

Tecadur MT TR is a copolyester with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, gamma radiation resistance, and optical clarity. Transparent in color, Tecadur responds well to polishing and retains its clarity after both gamma and e-beam sterilization. Tecadur is a strong choice for projects in the medical, pharmaceutical, or chemical technology industries.

Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
Tecadur MT TRChemical resistance, gamma radiation resistance, optical clarity, and excecptional toughnessMedical components that require sterilization, pharmaceutical devices, chemical technology components

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