Turn to Controlled Fluidics for our deep expertise and high-quality products. Our mission is to provide innovative technical solutions for fluidic design and plastic machining challenges that allow you to focus on the business of building your novel devices. Let’s get started!


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Controlled Fluidics is highly respected for our specialty plastic bonding and custom plastic assembly expertise and products. Our precision plastic machining experience dates back to 1980, and our experienced staff is led by highly knowledgeable engineers. We are committed to creating the finest precision manifolds and plastic components, and our responsiveness and delivery speed set industry standards.

Since 2011, Controlled Fluidics has partnered with customers to solve precision plastic machining and manifold fabrication challenges. We thrive on developing ground-breaking technologies, and our experts are ready to assist you with your complex designs.


Precision Results

Controlled Fluidics focuses on top quality at every stage of your manifold fabrication or plastic machining process. Our expertise is unmatched, and our engineers communicate clearly with customers about your specific needs in order to produce the most precise, highest-quality product.

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and adhere to the following standards:
ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994
A copy of our ISO registration letter is available upon request.


Short timeline? No problem.

Short lead times are a common challenge in a manufacturing landscape focused on driving innovation to market. Controlled Fluidics is committed to supporting our customers on even the tightest timelines. Depending on the manifold configuration, we have multiple options for rapid response solutions:

  • Quick turn delivery in as little as one week for printed manifolds.
  • Quick turn delivery in as little as two weeks for production equivalent two-layer manifold in acrylic.
  • Quick turn delivery in as little as three weeks for production equivalent two-layer manifold in Ultem or PC.
  • Quick turn delivery in as little as four weeks for production equivalent three (or more) layer manifold in any material.

For machined plastic parts, our quick turnaround can be as short as 2 weeks for small quality, medium complexity work. Polishing generally adds 2 days. More complex parts or difficult-to-source material does add time.

If your project requires a quick turnaround, why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can deliver a complete product in the shortest possible time frame.



Experienced and Solution-Focused Plastic Engineering Services

Controlled Fluidics is here to help with your engineering challenges. Our team of five engineers draws on over sixty years of combined plastic machining experience to create the most effective, creative, and budget-friendly plastic machined component or bonded manifold solutions possible. We have processed virtually every type of material that is available as a stock shape--and many more via custom extrusion. We support our customers through critical and complicated portions of the machining process, including:

  • DFM – Difficult-to-machine parts are our bread and butter. We provide design assistance to confirm that a plastic component is manufacturable even when it pushes the boundaries of machining. If not possible, we will tell you and can guide the discussion to figure out what is practical.
  • Material choice – Concerns with cost, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance are common. Our knowledge and library are extensive, covering all the available plastics. When conventional materials don’t support a project’s requirements, we turn to custom blended plastics for out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Assembly – Today’s customers often need support beyond the traditional machined plastic part. Our engineers are familiar with many component suppliers and best practices to integrate into a final subassembly
  • Design – Need assistance on the design front to accelerate the product launch? We can help. The Controlled Fluidics team can assist with compone

Our team finds solutions for even the most complicated high-performance plastic machining projects. Reach out to learn more about how we can create a bonded manifold or plastic machined component that will meet every one of your project’s unique requirements.


Finding solutions, optimizing design, delivering quickly

In conjunction with our engineering services, preproduction support is another important way we help our customers speed their launch to market. Manifolds are the heart of a fluidic system, and integration of components into a unified working control device often requires multiple iterations. At Controlled Fluidics, we will deliver support through many milestones as your device evolves, including:

  • Full design reengineering, as needed, to help work through bugs
  • Rapid design review and brainstorming sessions to consider alternative approaches
  • Design optimization to reduce complexity and lower costs
  • Material selection to ensure the best choice for the customer’s application

When you trust Controlled Fluidics with your project, you’ll benefit from our decades of high-precision plastic engineering and machining expertise. Get in touch to learn more about how we can deliver the perfect component for your specific needs.


"I want to thank you and all those at Controlled Fluidics who helped complete this project. We have been extremely happy with the quality of work done and your customer service has been outstanding. We will definitely keep Controlled Fluidics in mind for any work we could possibly push your way."
(Industry: Defense & Military)


Have Controlled Fluidics bring your custom plastic machining design to fruition.



Supplying cutting edge precision manifolds for the life science market to help bring ideas to life.  Fully integrated component assemblies to deliver the right amount of fluid at the right time.

Ready to build your custom solution?


Multilayer bonded manifolds in an array of materials to simplify the most complicated fluidic challenges.



High precision manifolds available in all plastic materials to support any process control requirement.


Speak with our engineers to get support when you need it and to help accelerate your device design process.


Time to market is critical in today’s competitive environment. We can help to speed the time to device testing.


What channel sizes can Controlled Fluidics make?

Channels for microfluidics can be as small as 100 microns. For larger fluidic devices, 0.5 mm to 3 mm is common.

What advantages does Controlled Fluidics have over competitors' manifolds?

Our technology allows us to build very precise, intricate plastic manifolds. We prefer full round channels, and features maintain their shape through the bonding process. Reservoirs and accumulators integral to a manifold are our specialties! Our prices are competitive, with minimal NRE/tooling cost for new projects. Expect a quick response on quotes.

We can pressure test your manifolds at your request. Controlled Fluidics has yet to experience a field failure in any of our manifolds from delamination or cross-talk – our quality is uncompromising!

Does Controlled Fluidics pressure test manifolds before delivery?

What are the various channel shapes? Is any one shape better than the others?

Channels can be single-sided or double-sided. Channel shapes are square, “D” shape, or full round. Controlled Fluidics recommends full round channels for best flow characteristics with minimum particle entrapment. The cost of the additional machining for full round channels is minimal for the average laminated manifold.

Are “bonded in” components possible?

Yes, they are. Controlled Fluidics bonds a number of different types of components into multi-layer manifolds. We also are able to obtain a leak-proof seal around components. However, please note that the components will not be serviceable after bonding.

How many layers can my manifold have?

Theoretically, we can bond an unlimited number of layers! Practically, six layers is desirable. Often, it is wise to divide very large and complex manifold designs into two separate manifolds. Fallout rate and installation damage can be costly with a single large manifold. Also consider building each layer 1.5 mm below standard imperial sizes. This saves money. Why purchase thicker materials only for machining purposes?

What is your lead-time? Does Controlled Fluidics have a prototype service?

Our standard lead-time is four weeks for most two-layer manifolds. Complex projects (above two layers) will require additional time. If time is of the essence, we do have a Rapid Response prototype service that can deliver laminated manifolds in two weeks or less.