Controlled Fluidics offers bonding of injection-molded manifolds for applications that need higher quantity or that are difficult-to-machine configurations. Disposable manifolds for medical products are a great fit!

Injection-Molded Manifolds Basics

Injection Molded ManifoldInjection-molded manifolds are a versatile alternative to traditional, flat manifolds. Configuration is flexible, including channels and multiple cavities. Preferred layout is single-sided channels, either square or D shaped, with a cover plate.

Injection-Molded Manifolds in Depth

With injection molded manifolds, performance to 500 psi and 500 micron channels or larger is possible. Acrylic is the most popular choice for the plastic resin; however, other materials – such as Ultem®) — are available.

Controlled Fluidics will source the injection-molded halves or use parts you provide. (Note that extra material may be required on the bonding surface.)

Injection-molded manifolds start at $10 per bond. Pricing is dependent on size, configuration, molded blank quality, and material choice. Each application is unique, so contact Controlled Fluidics engineering today to discuss your specific injection-molded manifold needs.


Will injection-molded manifolds work for your next project? Contact us to find out!