One of the critical design decisions is material selection. Bonded manifolds use amorphous plastics — Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polysulfone, Radel, Ultem and COC/COP — as the molecular structure is friendlier to cross linking and entanglement than that of semi-crystalline plastics. Controlled Fluidics is here to help you select the best material for your project.

Contact us for expert guidance. Our engineers will carefully consider the application requirement — including working temperature, cost, clarity, and resistance to specific chemicals — and will match the most appropriate material to your project.


At Controlled Fluidics, our engineers can guide you to the best material match to your project. Some general standards apply:

  • Best choices for clarity: Acrylic and COP/COC
  • Best choice for lowest cost and/or pneumatics: Acrylic
  • Best choice for highest working temperature: Ultem
  • Best choice for liquid applications with alcohol rinse at a lower price: Polycarbonate
  • Best choice for UV resistance: Ultem
  • Best choice for steam sterilization: Ultem