Military-Grade Mobility Solutions for the Defense Industry

Delrin manifold with Festo valves

In an industry defined in equal parts by the mobility requirements and a lengthy list of Department of Defense regulations governing strength, toughness, and clarity, military-grade plastic parts provide the solution. Machined plastics are tough, strong, and lightweight options for projects ranging from wheels in bomb-detection machines to lightweight airplane components.

The expert engineers at Controlled Fluidics are comfortable with the unique requirements and regulations of defense industry clients and will recommend materials that will meet your strength, environmental, clarity, and budgetary needs.

Materials for every Defense Project

We offer a complete selection of materials, listed below, well-suited for your defense industry projects. These materials - each with the strength, clarity, and toughness properties necessary to produce a durable, reliable component - offer solutions for every defense industry project. Need help narrowing down your options? Contact our engineers, and we’ll help you select the best option for your specific project.