Expertly Machined Bonded Manifolds and Plastic Machined Components for Space Flight Applications

bonded polycarbonate manifold

An unforgiving and exacting environment like space demands the most precise and reliable instruments. Bonded manifolds, in particular, are uniquely useful for space applications. These components offer the tightest fluidic packaging available and reduce failure points for long-term space flight, making them a safer, more space-conscious option for engineers.

Controlled Fluidics’ plastic manifolds and plastic machined components are expertly designed and machined and can be found on the International Space Station, in microsatellite experiments, and in microgravity additive printer components.

Our experienced engineers understand the unique environmental considerations associated with a space flight project, and will make the design and material recommendations necessary to ensure all our clients receive the high-quality, precise, and reliable components necessary for any space flight project.

Materials for Every Space Flight Project

The engineers at Controlled Fluidics work with a wide range of materials well-suited for space flight applications including:

While any of these materials can withstand the harsh operating environments associated with space flight, our engineers are here to suggest the ideal material for your specific project.