Acetal as a copolymer, or Delrin as a homopolyer, has excellent mechanical, electrical and wear properties, as well as good dimensional stability with low creep. Acetal is available in black or white in off the shelf stock shapes.

This is a great material for bearing applications because it has a low coefficient of friction and wears well in both wet and dry plastic machined applications. In addition, it has low moisture absorption and high dielectric strength finding uses in electrical products. With a high melting point, acetal machined parts can be used in continuous exposure to temperatures up to 185 F. and burst exposure to 200 F. It has good resistance to solvents, though strong acids and bases should be avoided. While Acetal and Delrin both have grades of good stiffness and toughness, Delrin has slightly higher mechanical properties. The extrusion process for Delrin suffers from centerline porosity in sheets. Generally Delrin sheet products are not water tight. Other notable properties are good hydrolytic stability and resiliency.

Why Choose Acetal/Delrin?

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Low friction
  • Easy to machine
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • FDA compliant

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