Machined parts made from Fluorosint are composed of PTFE plastic and a specially processed Mica filler. This mixture improves the thermal and mechanical capabilities of PTFE without affecting the exceptional electrical and chemical properties of the base material. Two grades are available: Fluorosint 500 and 207.

Fluorosint 500

The mica fill of this blend allows a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, approximately 40% of unfilled PTFE. Additionally, the wear rate is lower than PTFE. Its low coefficient of friction, good electrical properties and chemical resistance and form resistance to 650F make fluorosint 500 an excellent choice for bearings, bushings and other wear items.

Fluorosint 207

Fluorosint 207 is the same as the 500 grade, but with a lower fill level. The result is a more ductile material but a higher coefficient of thermal expansion. Fluorosint 207 is comparable to 25% glass filled Teflon with the benefit of being stronger and less abrasive. It is stable to 550F and thus is very good in hot air and steam applications.

Why Choose Fluorosint?

  • Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Better wear resistant
  • Resistant to deformation under load

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