Torlon machined components have superior resistance to high stress conditions at elevated temperatures to 500F. Torlon’s high impact and compressive strength set it above other high performance engineered plastics. Dimensional stability via low creep and low coefficient of thermal expansion add to the advantages of the material.  Torlon parts are resistant to aromatic, aliphatic, chlorinated, and fluorinated hydrocarbons. Torlon is generally more difficult to machine and requires carbide tooling.  It is available in two grades:

Torlon 4203

Primarily designed for electrical insulation at elevated temperatures as well as excellent resistances to radiation.

Torlon 4301 

Designed for bearing and wear applications for non-lubricated applications such as bearings, seals, and valve. It is used where high strength & resistance to wear at elevated temperatures is important.

Why Chose Torlon?

  • Withstands high stress conditions and elevated temperatures to 500F
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistant to aromatic, aliphatic, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons

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