Ultem machined components possess a combination of useful characteristics including high strength at elevated temperatures, high modulus and broad chemical resistance. Ultem machined parts are inherently flame resistant (V0) with low smoke emission. Known for its high resistivity, its dielectric properties are consistent over a wide frequency range. Ultem parts find uses in the electrical industry as insulators. Ultem is resistant to autoclaving, hydrolysis and strong acids. A common use is in medical devices as it is available in USP Class VI grades. Standard colors are amber and black. While not having the light transmittance of other amorphous materials from the dark amber color, it is readily polished and bonded.

At Controlled Fluidics, we use several varieties of Ultem, including:

  • Ultem 1000 plate 0.100” – 2” thick
  • Ultem 1000 rod up to 3’’ diameter
  • Ultem 2300 rod up to 2” diameter
  • Ultem 2300 plate 0.250” – 2” thick

Why Chose Ultem?

  • Flame resistant
  • UV stable
  • FDA compliant
  • High electrical insulation properties
  • Good performance at elevated temperatures

Does this sound life the right material for the job? Talk to our engineers today, and get your project started.