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Design Guides & How-Tos

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Read our expert-backed design guide for bonded plastic manifolds and other items to guide you to success.

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purple gloves holding up an unpolished plastic part and a polished plastic part for comparison

Yes, you can polish plastic. Here's our guide on polishing plastic techniques and other finishes to use with your projects.

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Clear manifold designed for medical devices

Have questions about bonded manifolds and how they might help your next project? We have our FAQs right here.

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Reference Charts & Tools

Here's a convenient reference chart of chemical resistances of the most commonly used plastics materials for specialized components. 

We've broken down the price, ease of machining, and the flexural modulus elasticity comparisons to other plastic materials to aid in your research. 

Most find that selecting the best material for your project as a top challenge. We have our Materials Selector tool to help out based on what your product needs. Try it now!

Read through our latest articles, blog entries, and other written works for the most updated information about what's happening in the plastics industry. 

Drilled Manifolds (Podcast)

Deep Dive Into Drilled Manifolds President and Principal Engineer Tom Rohlfs looks at the pros and cons of drilled manifolds. He explains the production process and outlines designs that are ideal for drilled production methods. Transcript John Maher: Hi, I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Tom Rohlfs, President and Principal Engineer at Controlled Fluidics,…

Injection Molded Manifolds (Podcast)

An injection molded manifold features injection molded components bonded together to make a manifold. Look at the production process and pros/cons of injection molded manifolds.

Microfluidic Manifolds (Podcast)

Microfluidic manifolds are manifolds with very small channels, typically below a half millimeter. Look at the manufacturing process for microfluidic manifolds.

Multi-Layered Bonded Manifolds (Podcast)

Multi-layered bonded manifolds offer advantages over drilled manifolds with plugs. Multi-layered bonded manifolds allow you to create complex channel routing.

Plastic Manifold Design (Podcast)

In this podcast, Tom Rohlfs talks with John Maher about the plastic manifold design process. He explains what customers should expect when they work with a manifold manufacturer through the design process. John Maher: Hi, I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Tom Rohlfs, President and Principal Engineer at Controlled Fluidics, a plastics machining company…

Plastic Manifolds Overview (Podcast)

Plastic Manifolds 101 In this podcast, Tom Rohlfs, Principal Engineer & President at Controlled Fluidics, provides an overview of bonded plastic manifolds, covering their primary functions and in which industries he sees getting the most use out of them. We then proceed to discuss how they’re manufactured and which materials bonded manifolds use most often.…