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Read our expert-backed design guide for bonded plastic manifolds and other items to guide you to success.

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Yes, you can polish plastic. Here's our guide on polishing plastic techniques and other finishes to use with your projects.

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Clear manifold designed for medical devices

Have questions about bonded manifolds and how they might help your next project? We have our FAQs right here.

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Reference Charts & Tools

Here's a convenient reference chart of chemical resistances of the most commonly used plastics materials for specialized components. 

We've broken down the price, ease of machining, and the flexural modulus elasticity comparisons to other plastic materials to aid in your research. 

Most find that selecting the best material for your project as a top challenge. We have our Materials Selector tool to help out based on what your product needs. Try it now!

Read through our latest articles, blog entries, and other written works for the most updated information about what's happening in the plastics industry. 

Talking One-on-One with NASA

How NASA Uses Plastic Manifolds in Mission Critical Space Applications Dr. Antonio “Tony” Ricco, Chief Technologist at The NASA Ames Research Center, and Matthew Chin, NASA Flight Systems Engineer, sit down with the Controlled Fluidics team to discuss their BioSentinel project. To summarize, their BioSentinel project looks to discover potential life on Enceladus and Europa (the icy…

Guest Interview: Bay Advanced Technology

Interview with Bay Advanced Technologies The A-Team Built for Fluidics We’ve got some fun news: Controlled Fluidics will now feature content exploring our work with our clients and referral partners. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone. We show how our products work, what problems they solve, and where they are used. Our partners get…

Plastic Machining vs 3D Printing: Which Is Better for Plastic Parts?

Controlled Fluidics is very selective about the technology, procedures, and materials we use to serve our clients. Our clients use plastic components in the healthcare industry, aerospace, scientific research, and more. Often critical to the proper functions of the device, our parts perform in high heat, high pressure, and chemically aggressive environments. For these reasons,…

Questions About Plastic CNC Machining

Your Questions on Plastic CNC Machining, Answered Controlled Fluidics practices precision and excellence from quote to finished product.  We use 5-axis CNC machines to produce customized plastic bonding and assembly work for each client.  We maintain our place at the forefront of utilizing the newest technologies and practices for precision plastic machining and manifold fabrication. …

Plastic Manifolds for Medical, Research, and Life Science Applications

How Medical & Research Are Using Plastic Manifolds Many industries are increasingly using bonded manifolds as their technology, sophistication, and repeatability have improved, and designers realize their inherent value. Complex manifolds – with arrays of different valves – can deliver functions such as pneumatic control, cleaning cycles, dosing, reagent mixing, flow and bacteria analysis, particle…

Choosing the Best Plastics for Bonded Manifolds

The Best Plastic Resins & Materials For Creating Bonded Manifolds Edited for clarity and format on March 28, 2024   Bonded manifolds offer a variety of benefits. Ease of design flexibility means manufacturers like Controlled Fluidics can create intricate channels in almost any configuration. Controlled Fluidics’ low-pressure bonding technology means channels retain their shape throughout…