4 Signs You Need Controlled Fluidics for A Plastic Machining Project

Are you in the beginning stages of planning a plastic machining or manifold project? You’ve clarified what kind of product you need, the specifications it needs to meet, and the environment in which it will need to perform. Now it’s time to wade into the world of design, material selection, and production. The expert team at Controlled Fluidics understands that this part of the process can get overwhelming, and we are ready to help. We’ve dedicated our careers to providing superior plastic machining and fluidic design services. Our goal is for our clients to get the best possible experience with our products and services.  

While we aren’t the right solution for every project, when we are the right solution, having the experienced and exacting Controlled Fluidics team on your side is a no-brainer. Here are four signs that you need Controlled Fluidics for your plastic machining or manifold project. 

1. Your Manifold Needs To Perform In A Challenging Environment

Many custom plastic machined parts and manifolds need to perform their function in extremely harsh or challenging environments, like life science. Our products excel in uses such as gene sequencing, point of care devices, and diagnostics.

It’s imperative to select a material that will hold up to even the most difficult of conditions. Bonded manifolds serve a vital role in industries like biomedicine, aerospace, and defense. The engineers and design experts at Controlled Fluidics have decades of experience in their respective fields and are ready to guide you through the material selection and design process.

An extensive knowledge of available materials and each material’s capabilities, as well as an understanding of the unique requirements of your particular project, makes the Controlled Fluidics engineers singularly qualified to design a flawless product that will perform consistently in even the most challenging operating environments.

2. Your Project Requires Adherence To A Certain Set Of Standards

Controlled Fluidics has a long history of working with clients in industries that require adherence to a specific set of standards including the medical industry, life sciences, and the military, among others. Components needed in electronics and fluidics are growing smaller along with the devices that use them, like nano-pumps, handheld on-chip detection devices, and micro-propulsion.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that our machining facility holds all necessary certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, required to deliver a final product that adheres to any and all industry-specific quality and productions standards.

We can make microfluidic devices that can feature channel sizes as small as 100 microns. Additionally, we can make channels that are single or double-sided.

Best of all, our team’s intimate familiarity with your industry’s unique requirements will translate to a stress-free design and production process for you.

3. Your Project Will Require A Highly Precise Process

If your project requires a highly precise machining process, don’t stress. Our team is experienced in producing highly precise plastic machined parts, including those using micro-machining technology. We produce perfect finishes with no holes or burrs at precise tolerances.

In fact, we have the capacity to produce micro components to your specifications, in small and large quantities, that hold to tolerances of +/- .0005 or better, and lathe components with tolerances down to 0.0002. We recommend full-round channels for best flow.

By focusing on the handling, inspection, finishing, and assembly of these components, instead of just the design process, we are able to successfully machine even the smallest plastic parts. Small parts and micro-machining are our specialties.

4. Your Project Requires Quick Turnaround, Without Sacrificing Quality

Our ISO 9001:2015-registered workspaces in Milford, NH and Wallingford, CT contain numerous high-performance 3-5 axis CNC machines capable of rapid-production precision machining. The combination of high-performance machines and unique bonding capabilities mean that you can expect your high-quality plastic machined part or manifold in the shortest possible time. If necessary, we can deliver basically configured, short-run, multi-layer bonded manifolds in as little as two weeks. 

Controlled Fluidics’ engineers are happy to offer support and consultation on any difficulty level or industry. Call on us to help you choose your material, help guide the design process, and produce a product that exceeds expectations. We can even assist in sourcing rare plastics.

Some Signs That Controlled Fluidics Isn’t The Best Fit For Your Project

At Controlled Fluidics, we concentrate our efforts primarily on high-performance projects in the medical, research, defense, aerospace, space flight, life sciences, and instrumentation industries. Our specialty is providing excellent solutions for your highly specific design needs. If you are looking for mass market plastic design solutions, we are not a good fit. 

Some limitations are that bonded manifolds can be difficult to source, are more costly than drilled manifolds, and materials are limited to clear plastics. The skill needed to produce manifolds of such high quality requires extensive education.

Are you convinced that Controlled Fluidics is the best choice for your plastic machining or manifold project? Great! Contact us today to discuss your project with our engineers.