Manifold Applications of Pumps

IVEK’s displacement pumps are used exclusively by several major global IVD instrument companies

Displacement Pumps

IVEK’s displacement pumps are used exclusively by several major global IVD instrument companies for human and veterinary blood testing. Their displacement pumps offer the highest resolution and reliability available on the market today, giving customers the best opportunity to select a pump that can truly optimize for the resolution, speed, size, and cost requirements for each application.

IVEK offers three different pump families – DP17, DP11, and CP17 – providing a broad range of displacement pump choices. Most of their pumps utilize solenoid valve solutions from SMC. These are usually 2-2 or 3-2 LVM valves or, occasionally, a pneumatic valve.

Auto pipettor air displacement pump

Auto Pipettors

An auto pipettor is an air displacement pump for aspirating and dispensing samples with zero carryover. IVEK’s auto pipettors are a great choice for benchtop instruments that work with disposable tips.

The auto pipettor’s unique modular design allows for easy customization to accommodate a wide variety of pipette tips, tip adaptors, liquid level sensors, and pneumatic valves. In addition, auto pipettors have extremely tight internal ceramic clearances, allowing the unit to deliver outstanding accuracy and precision—even at minimal dispensing volumes, such a 2ul. They span from 37 – 1250ul in volume range.

The auto pipettor is compact and lightweight enough to mount directly on most small robotic workstations, making it suitable for OEM instruments and production line operation.

Metering Pumps

IVEK’s metering pumps utilize a proprietary rotating-while-reciprocating pump technology. Ceramic and Teflon are the only wetted components, and no seals are required. As a result, these ceramic pumps can be used with many typically difficult solutions such as acids, bases, bleach, and organic solvents.

Shear Valves

IVEK offers a large variety of ceramic shear valves. These valves are ideal for applications such as dispensing microbeads or any other abrasive fluid where a polymer or solenoid valve would quickly wear out. IVEK controls the entire valve manufacturing process, starting with ceramic “bisque” CNC machining and ending with the proprietary lapping and polishing steps.

*Text and pictures courtesy of IVEK Corporation.

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