Radel® Manifolds

amber colored fluidic manifold made from radel plasticFor rapid prototyping and manufacture, Radel® plastic resin is a tough, stable performer.

Radel® manifolds are frequently used in medical devices, often in surgical and medical device handle applications. Its most favorable property is long-term resistance to steam sterilization without stress cracking.

Beyond unlimited steam sterilization, other sterilization methods for Radel® components include radiation, dry heat, and cold. Radel® manifolds offer a superior combination of high-performance properties, including excellent thermal stability, outstanding toughness, and good environmental stress cracking resistance.

Radel® Manifolds At A Glance

  • Continuous service temperature to 425°F
  • Impact and chemical resistance
  • Can withstand repeated hot water application, steam application, and repeated autoclave processing
  • Natural color is amber; black and white readily available in sheet stock
  • Certified to USP Class VI medical grade
radel bonded manifold

More about Radel® Manifolds

In its natural state, polished Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is dark amber, similar to Ultem® and PES. Other standard stock colors for Radel® include black and white (due to its frequent use in medical devices). Polished Radel® offers better impact and chemical resistance than Ultem® or polysulfone parts.

Radel® responds well to vapor polishing and optical machining. Clear Radel® components do absorb light in the UV range and are unsuitable for UV applications. Light transmittance for a 2mm thick clear sample is 80% with 3% haze.