Selecting Materials

One of the critical design decisions is material selection. Bonded manifolds use amorphous plastics — Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polysulfone, Radel, Ultem and COC/COP — as the molecular structure is friendlier to cross linking and entanglement than that of semi-crystalline plastics. Controlled Fluidics is here to help you select the best material for your project.

Contact us for expert guidance. Our engineers will carefully consider the application requirement — including working temperature, cost, clarity, and resistance to specific chemicals — and will match the most appropriate material to your project.


At Controlled Fluidics, our engineers can guide you to the best material match to your project. Some general standards apply:

  • Best choices for clarity: Acrylic and COP/COC
  • Best choice for lowest cost and/or pneumatics: Acrylic
  • Best choice for highest working temperature: Ultem
  • Best choice for liquid applications with alcohol rinse at a lower price: Polycarbonate
  • Best choice for UV resistance: Ultem
  • Best choice for steam sterilization: Ultem

Turn to Controlled Fluidics for our deep expertise and high-quality products. Our mission is to provide innovative technical solutions for fluidic design and plastic machining challenges that allow you to focus on the business of building your novel devices. Let’s get started!