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Explore how we've partnered with various industries to overcome challenges, innovate solutions, and achieve remarkable results.




Discover and gain valuable insights on how our innovative approaches have inspired breakthroughs in product design, manufacturing efficiency, and sustainability. We have the rundown on the real benefits achieved through not only our partnerships but also through cost saving techniques — all while reducing environmental footprint.

Read about how NASA worked with us to develop manifolds that could withstand the harsh environments of space travel.


Featured Case Study:

Food Safety Solutions

One of our esteemed customers within the food processing industry came to us with a unique challenge: increase product yield and cut cycle time while keeping to strict FDA regulations.

Read the case study to see how we decreased cycle times by 33% and increased product yield in the process.

person working at a food factory in an all white room


Reach Better Outcomes Without Compromise

Whether the product needs to cut cycle times, increase production efficiency, or meet an entirely different goal, Controlled Fluidics has worked and will continue to work alongside our customers to make them happen.

Get better project results. Make those lessons learned less painful.

Other Case Studies

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Although case studies give the details, our previous customers can tell you more

The parts you make for us will go on the next sequencer, hopefully for gaining better understanding of ‘science’ and develop treatments ahead of time so we never find ourselves in the situation we now are in again. If you ever wondered whether what we do (Controlled Fluidics included) is important, you don’t need any better proof. 

Biomedical Researcher 
New York

We are very happy with the first work order that was successfully completed Tuesday. As we stated earlier, please thank those involved in manufacturing these parts. Our production folks are thrilled about the results using CF parts (we had no failures!) and looking forward to defect free parts on future orders.

Environmental Testing Company 

Ophthalmic Diagnostics parts image

We received the first batch of Immersion Shells for inspection. I’m happy to share with you that all 100 units passed our inspection criteria. They all look and feel fantastic.

Ophthalmic Diagnostics Company