Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family

Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family

Specialized plastics manufacturer Controlled Fluidics joins the multinational industrial flow product company Ingersoll Rand

We are excited to announce that Ingersoll Rand has completed its acquisition of Controlled Fluidics. The leadership teams at Ingersoll Rand and Controlled Fluidics are excited about our future together and the opportunity to build upon our complementary strengths and capabilities. We are committed to preserving and growing the initiatives that have brought success to each of our businesses.

Controlled Fluidics, with facilities in Milford, New Hampshire and Wallingford, Connecticut; is a leader in precision manifold technology. These manifold offerings uniquely complement Ingersoll Rand’s Thomas and TriContinent pumps, as manifolds are often a central connecting hub within a customer’s instruments. TriContinent and Controlled Fluidics all have a rich history of cultivating deep OEM customer relationships and providing customized solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs. The partnership between Ingersoll Rand and Controlled Fluidics further expands our ability to offer complete customer solutions for mission-critical applications such as biopharma, clinical diagnostics, analytical lab instruments, and medical devices. Joining Ingersoll Rand is a strong strategic fit, and we are confident that together we can unlock new potential.

Many may be wondering what the impact of our acquisition is on you as a customer (or yet to be). Expect business as usual, with your key contacts for sales, service, and support to remain the same. During this exciting time of growth and integration, we remain committed to maintaining the high level of customer service and product quality you have come to expect from us. We will maximize every opportunity for improvement while minimizing any potential disruptions.

We are so excited to now be an Ingersoll Rand business and look forward to working together for years to come. Please reach out to our sales and marketing teams with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your continued support.