Controlled Fluidics has embraced the challenge to continuously advance and innovate our precision plastic machining services over a career spanning 30 years.

When it comes to precision plastic machining, we have achieved technical excellence in designing and manufacturing machined plastics.

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Full complement of milling capabilities from 5th axis to optical finishes and deep hole drilling in all plastic materials.

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Plastic Turning

From micro to macro plastic machining, our turning capacities are second to none. We can deliver super precision with extremely close tolerance. The results are burr free despite tight tolerances. We can meet your need for machined plastics.

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Plastic Polishing

We are also highly experienced in this aspect of machined plastics. We are equipped to deliver all methods of plastic polishing. From optical finishes to see-through applications, we can help to meet your clarity goals while keeping costs low. Our machining capabilities provide high-quality results.

A collection of micro plastic machined parts

Micro Machining

We can support our plastic machining customers who have designs that require close tolerance machining at sub-millimeter scales.  Insulators to microfluidic plates are a specialty in this category of plastic machining. 

There are many reasons why clients choose Controlled Fluidics over other plastic machining providers. When you hire us, you can expect the absolute highest quality with delivery speeds unmatched in the industry. 

We can handle all kinds of plastic machining: plastic milling, plastic turning, plastic polishing, and micro machining are all well within our capabilities and areas of expertise.

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Why Choose Controlled Fluidics

Controlled Fluidics has worked with some of the most well-respected organizations in their respective fields. We produce machined plastic fluid supply manifolds for space flight experiments, including exploration for life on two icy moons in our very own solar system. Our bonded plastic manifolds are also an integral part of instruments that help diagnose and care for medical patients as well as further the advancement of gene sequencing.

Plastic CNC machining tools and processes are implemented to fine detail, meeting the needs of various sectors, such as:  

  • Diagnostic instrumentation tools.  These are used in medicine to detect health or disease markers.
  • Medical instruments that are used inside or outside of the body. Depending on the application, these can be single-use instruments or they can be sterilized for repeated use.
  • Semiconductor components for solid-state electrical conduction are served with our plastic machining capabilities.   
  • Scientific tools used in the lab and the field, like measuring devices, syringes, and collection trays, are commonly created and manufactured by our skilled team.

Controlled Fluidics was also part of the solution when the world was shut down due to COVID and massive waves of sick people required ventilation to live. When the global pandemic hit, everyone understood that some professions were essential: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery store clerks, and help desk workers at Zoom. But the staff at Controlled Fluidics was also an essential part of the equation. You may not have realized it, but COVID-19 created an unprecedented demand for plastic machined products, particularly those that go inside medical devices such as ventilators. The staff at Controlled Fluidics was there to help meet that demand.

We serve organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. No matter their size or application, every customer is guaranteed satisfaction when they partner with us for their plastic machining project. We will continue working with you to refine and define your plastic machined parts until they are precisely right for your project. 

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