Controlled Fluidics has led the charge in advancing and innovating precision plastic machining services over several decades. We design and manufacture specialized plastic manifolds, components, and products for every industry that requires them. 

When it comes to plastic milling, turning, and polishing we continue to achieve technical excellence. For businesses in medical, aerospace, or any industry that requires exact attention and rigor, we rise to the challenge as a partner on your side at every step. 

How can we help get your project going today?


Photo of milled part

Plastic Milling

Full complement of milling capabilities from 5th axis to optical finishes and deep hole drilling in all plastic materials.

Photo of turned part.

Plastic Turning

No matter the scale, we can deliver super precision with extremely close tolerances. Burr-free results despite tight tolerances. 

Photo of plastic polished part

Plastic Polishing

We equip ourselves to deliver crystal-clear plastic polishing for optical products and transparent applications.  

A collection of micro plastic machined parts

Micro Machining

We can support designs that require machining at sub-millimeter scales using special techniques & equipment.

Design Support & Post Production Services 

White plastic cube on top of engineering plans for cube

Take advantage of our team's decades of combined experience to design the best manifolds & components. Our experts know what works and can give constructive directions on next steps for your products.

Photo of 2 layer manifold acrylic with printing

Whether it's direct engraving or direct printing on manifolds and other components, we provide products with appropriate markings to communicate clearly and concisely important information.

CNC machining a plastic prototype

Transform your ideas into a tangible reality. We help many organizations and entrepreneurs alike take life-altering products from imagination to a physical product. All with quick turnaround.

Photo of acrylic plastic - machining and polishing

For specialized precision plastic components and assemblies that need transparency (or just look aesthetically pleasing), we offer reliable polishing and finishing services that give crystal-like clarity.

Why Controlled Fluidics

While many manufacturers exist, few can meet the exacting demands that your industry requires. We can say that you can expect the absolute highest quality with delivery speeds unmatched in the industry from us for specialized applications.

We regularly handle many different types and techniques of plastic machining. Plastic milling, plastic turning, plastic polishing, and micro machining are all well within our capabilities and areas of expertise.

We serve organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. No matter the size or application, we guarantee every customer is satisfied when they partner with us for their plastic project. We will continue working with you to refine and define your project until they are precisely right for your project. 

Well Respected for High Quality

Controlled Fluidics has worked with some of the most well-respected organizations in their respective fields including NASA, Hitatchi, and ThermoFisher.

We produce machined plastic fluid supply manifolds for space flight experiments, including exploration for life on two icy moons in our very own solar system.

Our bonded plastic manifolds also play an integral part of diagnostic instruments that increase accurate care for medical patients as well as further the advancement of gene sequencing.

These serve as only a few examples of our trusted expertise in action.

Plastic manifold being assembled by hand
Masked man working on CNC machine

When You're Part of the Solution

When COVID-19 shut the world down in 2020, massive waves of sick people flooded the hospitals, needing ventilation and respiratory devices to stay alive. Because of its nature, COVID-19 had created an unprecedented demand for plastic products, particularly those specialized for medical devices such as ventilators. During this time, the staff at Controlled Fluidics stepped up to help meet that incredibly high demand. Working with other manufacturers and vendors, we did our part as part of the solution.