The Controlled Fluidics Design Process

Sophisticated devices require precision components that outperform & exceed

Our Signature Design Process

Controlled Fluidics makes production-quality components that provide real solutions. Our expert engineers are exactly the partners you need to support you through the production process.

Design Support

Design Support

Take advantage of our team's 50+ years of combined experience to design the best manifolds & components

Materials and Machining

Material & Machining Choices

Get the right material & method that meets your job's key requirements

Quoting to Shipping Options

Quoting to Shipping

Need it now? We have rapid turnaround options for time-critical projects — including overnight shipping!

Benefits of Designing with Plastic

Plastic-machined components and devices offer distinct advantages over other materials. Through plastic, the component or device then gains certain perks that would otherwise be unavailable for other materials. Often times, a plastic component or device costs less than materials that offer fewer benefits. Additionally, many plastic materials hold certifications from the top governmental regulating bodies and associated organizations for their industries, meeting whatever requirements that product needs. 

Reduced Weight




Optically Clear

If you have a design in mind but would like some help narrowing down your material choices, our engineers can evaluate your design at no cost. Then they can make material recommendations that will meet your project’s unique requirements in the most cost-effective and reliable way.


Material Choices & Machining Techniques

Component design varies depending on the specific material selected. Tensile, compressive, and flexural strength along with dimensional stability each play a role in how a material performs in different situations. Controlled Fluidics machines 30+ types of plastic in house with varying techniques based on the end product's needs. Visit our materials page for our comprehensive list of machinable plastics.

We use whatever machining techniques fit your budget, timeline, and the end product's requirements. Whether that's printing, polishing, or something else, we're here to support you. 

Unique to Controlled Fluidics, we produce high quality plastic prototypes with the same close tolerances, precision fit, and finish as regular production runs even if there's a time crunch. We can provide rapid turnaround for time-critical projects where we deliver your production-quality components and parts fast and with our quality seal of approval. Now offering overnight shipping! 

Woman in warehouse checking parts before shipping.