Turning Plastics From Concept to Reality

Turning Plastics into Precision Parts

Many shops offer plastic turning services and turn precision parts. However, few have expertise in both. With our 7-axis lathes, we can produce close tolerance, precision finish components complete from the machine.

We don’t just turn regular plastic parts. We say yes when others say no. We embrace the challenge of turning difficult-to-machine parts that must meet specs perfectly.

Quality assessment of PEEK plastic components for medical devices
Engineer preparing plastic to be milled

Plastic Lathe Micromachining

We specialize in small parts manufacturing and micromachining. We can machine tolerances held close, normally +/- .0005 or better. Our customers can count on us for post annealed lathe parts for whatever their end use is. We adapt our machining for turned components that require post anneal for stress relief.

Our Plastic Turning Capabilities

Finishes & Tolerances

Pushing the limits of technology, we produce superior finishes and extremely close tolerances. We can produce lathe components with tolerances to +/-.0002 given an appropriate material choice and part size. 

Challenging Configurations

We manage difficult configurations with proprietary stress relieving and specialized tooling. We specialize in polyolefin lathe work, allowing us to hold close tolerances with a superior, burr-free finish.

Optically Clear Turning

Using cutting-edge techniques, we can produce lathe parts for optical applications directly from the machine tool. Our plastic parts are always created with low stress and with no post machining polishing required. 

Lathing Prototypes

Do you need lathe parts to test your design, but 3D printed components are too inaccurate? We build production-quality parts in small batches, allowing you to try before you commit. Customers benefit from the flexibility of getting additional components to help with process visualization.

Experience Turned Expertise

With decades of experience, we have turned nearly every type of plastic available in stock form. We have produced thousands of lathe plastic parts in a multitude of configurations. We apply this deep experience to the customer’s designs, providing support from design to shipment.