Plastic Manifolds and Life Science Applications

Acrylic cell sorter for life science projects

Plastic manifolds are uniquely capable of meeting the precise requirements of life science applications. Cell counters, in particular, are an excellent application for plastic manifolds.

Engineers create the counting window by laminating a plastic sheet with an internal pocket. The window enables a scientist to align and measure the cells when combined with an optical surface, while low auto-fluorescence supports identification.

Plastics for Any and Every Life Science Project

The expert engineers at Controlled Fluidics work with a variety of plastic materials that are well-suited for life science applications. These materials are available in life science grades and provide the other qualities - including optical clarity, chemical resistance, and low fluorescence - that will make your life science project a success.

The below materials are some of the most common choices for life science projects. If you need help narrowing down your options, our engineers can help you select the best material for your unique project.

If you’re ready to learn how Controlled Fluidics will work with you to bring your life science component from design to reality, we’re ready to get started.