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Life Sciences

Crafting Tomorrow's Plastics with Nature's Blueprint


Natural Innovation

In the dynamic world of life sciences, adaptability reins paramount. We aspire to have our plastic components, manifolds, and assemblies align seamlessly with the industry's intense demands for quality while remaining versatile, whether this addresses optical clarity, chemical resistance, and/or low fluorescence. 

Custom & Specialized Life Science Solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions to address even the most niche products within the life science industries. We take care to address each project's specific requirements to ensure peak performance and longevity. We use our decades of expertise to customize our manufacturing processes that cater a diverse set of applications and uses. 

amber-colored ultem manifold


We specialize in bringing ideas to life through advanced plastic manufacturing techniques. We open the doors to join ventures and collaborations to foster an environment of shared knowledge to propel life science forward. 

Why Controlled Fluidics for Life Science Manufacturing

We meet life science organizations where they are and where they'll be going. Not every manufacturer can say that. While every project that comes to us is going to have some differences, we understand the needs these industries absolutely must meet. When it comes to life science device design and manufacturing, we have the knowledge and the most current available technology to create the high-quality and specialized parts the industry needs. 

Customization for Special Requirements

Recognizing that each life science product must meet its own set of particular requirements, we specialize in providing those tailored solutions. 

We stand committed to excellence in our rigorous quality control measures. We ensure products leaving our facilities adhere to the highest industry standards.

We have strict adherences to regulatory requirements, including those from the FDA and USDA. We are proudly ISO certified among others to provide peace of mind.

Our Services

We offer specialized plastic machining services and manufacturing for an array of life science devices, components, and even micromachining the smallest parts for compact assemblies.  

Streamlined Access to Polymer Solutions

Our key partnerships place us in the unique position to get specialty, biodegradable, and medical-grade plastics quickly without compromising quality. 

Prototyping & Design Support

Partner with us from initial concept to shipment. Our team offers prototyping and design support to ensure that we aid in manifesting your vision into a tangible reality.

Sustainable Solutions

We work to embrace a future where innovation meets responsibility to the planet. Sustainability isn't only a goal: it's our commitment embedded in our processes. 

Get in touch with us and reserve your no-obligation consultation with our team of experts for your next project.

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