Bonded Plastic Manifolds, Components, & Assemblies

Specialized Electronics

Connecting Circuits, Molding Futures


Precision in Smart Technology

Our commitment to precisions lies in the heart of everything we do. In fields like robotics, that precision matters as it enables meticulous control and optimization opportunities to create revolutionary products. From automated molding machines to intelligent sensors, we know every component needs to synergize to create the utmost efficiency possible.

Specialized Solutions For Niche Electronics

Adaptability stands as the key to advancement in the ever-evolving landscape of plastic manufacturing. Our suite of specialized and custom solutions flexes to accommodate diverse production requirements. Whether it's high-volume production or intricate custom designs, we've got the technology and expertise to meet your needs.


Smart Collaborations

We work with you to drive manufacturing to new heights, ensuring uniformity, durability, and a flawless finish. Each product is a testament to the marriage of craftsmanship and technology, setting a new standard for quality and collaboration in the industry.

Why Controlled Fluidics for Specialized Electronics Manufacturing

We meet special electronics companies where they are and aid in where they will go. Not every manufacturer can say that. While every project that comes to us has their unique differences, we understand those precise needs that companies absolutely must meet. When it comes to electronic design and manufacturing, we have the expertise and technology to give the spark a project needs.  

Specialized to Meet Unique Requirements

We specialize in providing customizable and tailored solutions to electronics, whether that's for an impact-resistant interface or semiconductors. 

We rigorously test and retest products via our QA and QC measures. We ensure products leaving our facilities adhere to the highest standards.

We have strict adherences to regulatory requirements, including USP and ISO standards among others to provide peace of mind.

Our Services

We offer specialized plastic machining services and manufacturing for medical devices, components, and even micromachining the smallest parts for compact assemblies.  

Streamlined Access to Uncommon Plastics

Our key partnerships place us in the unique position to get specialized conductive or nonconductive resins fast without compromising safety, quality, or reliability. 

Prototyping & Design Support

Partner with us from start to finish. Our expert team offers prototyping and design support to ensure that your vision becomes a tangible and functional reality.

Sustainable Solutions

We embrace sustainability without compromising efficiency. Our eco-friendly innovations integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing process, promoting responsible practices without sacrificing performance. 

Get in touch with us and reserve your no-obligation consultation with our team of experts for your next project.

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