Plastic Machining with Delrin AF Plastic

Pete Poodiack, VP of Sales and Marketing at Controlled Fluidics, talks about Delrin AF plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

Delrin AF is a very versatile material with a lot of metal-like properties. It has great dimensional stability and outstanding fatigue endurance. It also offers low friction and low wear.

This makes Delrin AF really good for components such as bearings and bushings that require low friction along with extra toughness. It also has natural lubricity, and that makes it especially ideal when these applications require lubrication but can’t be exposed to grease or oil.

Delrin AF has great chemical resistance as well as good electrical insulating properties. It can also work in a wide variety of temperature ranges.

All of these advantages make Delrin AF a very popular choice for many different applications. At Controlled Fluidics, we see our clients use this material for mechanical gears, bearings, and pump impellers. It’s also widely used in the electrical industry for switches, electromechanical counter-frames, and other parts.

Beyond that, we see Delrin AF used in industrial applications such as chemical pumps and beverage valves, but it’s also popular in household applications such as water softeners or garden sprayers. Its environmental applications include marine fittings, fuel senders and modules, and heater blowers.

We usually work with grade 100AF which can be extruded or injection molded. It’s a high-viscosity resin used in easy-to-fille models with PTFE fibers added to the resin.

This only covers the basics. Learn more about Delrin AF Plastic on our materials page.