Plastic Machining with Noryl Plastic

Pete Poodiack, VP of Sales and Marketing at Controlled Fluidics, talks about Noryl plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

Welcome. Noryl is a brand name for a plastic alloy made from polyphenylene oxide and polystyrene. This material offers a long list of benefits. It has some of the best dimensional stability of any plastic in the marketplace. It also has very low moisture absorption, and it can be used continuously in temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit without any thermal expansion.

This alloy has great strength and stiffness, even when under impact. It also offers very good chemical resistance and high flame resistance.

Due to its unique and very particular chemical composition, Noryl is one of just a few non-metallic materials that can be electroplated. it has a high dielectric strength of up to 500 kilovolts per inch, and its electrical insulating properties work in both low and high temperatures.

Noryl comes in black, but it’s very easy to paint or glue which opens up a lot of possibilities. At Controlled Fluidics, we can get unfilled Noryl EN265 plates up to 2 inches thick as well as 30% glass-fiber reinforced Noryl GFN3 plates that are up to 2 inches thick.

At Controlled Fluidics, we see this material used in a wide variety of applications through many different industries. It’s FDA-compliant so it’s used in packaging materials that have direct contact with food. Due to its dimensional stability, we also see it used in a lot of medical, surgical, and research instruments. It’s also popular for vaporizers, water pumps, and other wet applications. Finally, due to its dielectric properties, it’s common in electrical components and telecom applications.

This only covers the basics. Learn more about Noryl Plastic on our materials page.