Plastic Machining with UHMW Plastic

Pete Poodiack, VP of Sales and Marketing at Controlled Fluidics, talks about UHMW plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

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Hello. This video is about UHMW which stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

UHMW is a very low-friction material. That makes it popular for conveyor belts or other components of packaging machinery. Because it's FDA compliant, it's often used in the food processing industry as well, and its USDA certification means that this material can be in direct contact with raw meat.

Compared to other low-friction thermoplastics, UHMW has about the highest impact strength. That makes it preferable to a lot of other materials. In addition, it has very high chemical resistance, and it resists wear and corrosion.

UHMW also has very low moisture absorption. That makes it ideal for applications around water or when lubrication isn't available.

At Controlled Fluidics, we can get UHMW in black or white stock shapes.

This only covers the basics. Learn more about UHMW Plastic on our materials page.