Plastic Machining with Vespel Plastic

Pete Poodiack, VP of Sales and Marketing at Controlled Fluidics, talks about Vespel plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

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Vespel is a lightweight material with high-impact resistance that can work in a wide variety of extreme environments. Due to its strength coupled with its lightweight nature, it is often used as a substitute for metal.

Vespel is a highly durable material with excellent mechanical properties. It's also creep resistant, and it offers low wear and low friction. It has very high-temperature resistance and maintains superior thermal stability in high temp environments. It can also work in subzero temperatures without getting brittle.

This material is popular in the aerospace industry. Its ability to withstand extreme environments means that it can work everywhere from deep space to reactor chambers. And it is flight approved by both NASA and the U.S Air Force. At Controlled Fluidics, we often see Vespel used for automotive and aerospace components. It's also popular for military equipment. Its uses include bearings, gaskets, semiconductors, and insulators.

This only covers the basics. Learn more about Vespel Plastic on our materials page.