Design Guide for Plastic Manifolds

Contributions from Pete Poodiack, Dennis Hansen, & Kelsey Mollick. Edited and designed by Joe Falkner 

Welcome to our Design Guide! We appreciate your interest in what has taken many months of expert input to complete. Peruse the pages to gain more understanding and design tips that will aid you in your design process. This kind of guide is truly one of a kind, as many manufacturers and designers keep their information close to their chests. Well, we're trying something different.


Please note that the following guide is intended to provide a general approach to the design of plastic manifolds. Users should undertake appropriate verification of their specific design to ensure suitability for their applications. We don't intent for this guide to confirm a design's fitness for a particular use. All the data contained herein should be used as a reference only.

With that in mind, let's proceed with the basics of manifold design. Click the "Next Section" button below to get started.