Problem Solving with Difficult Plastic Parts

At Controlled Fluidics, we pride ourselves on solving our customers’ problems, no matter the challenge. Sometimes that means figuring out how to manufacture complex plastic parts involving tight tolerances, complicated geometries, and unstable materials. In fact, we have pushed the boundaries of plastic machining to help our customers design and create some of the world’s most advanced equipment in a wide variety of industries.

Difficult plastic parts are a showcase product for Controlled Fluidics. It requires our expert engineers to move beyond traditional plastic machining techniques and learn new and innovative approaches. If you browse the photos on our website, you will see examples of our manufacturing capabilities.   

For example, we designed and manufactured complex components that were machined to spring and have the thinnest wall ever in Peek Optima – .0008″. Another typical challenge for Controlled Fluidics is abrasive/unstable materials and tolerances to .0002.  We solve problems like this every day.

Need help with an unusual application or a problem you’ve been struggling with? Contact Controlled Fluidics! We’re available to discuss everything from material selection to machining concerns and polishing—and more.