Manifold Prototype & Rapid Response

When time is of the essence, but you cannot afford to sacrifice any level of quality

Get manifold prototypes at production-level value

Test & evaluate your design before scaling 

Take advantage of our expert team to create the perfect design

Quick, Efficient, Done

Turn ideas into a tangible reality

Assisting in Development

Need some input on your manifold design? Need it now? Put our responsive expert team on the case. 

Delivered Without Delays

We can provide high-quality preproduction manifolds without extensive delays. Our manifold prototype service means you can evaluate your design without delays, decreasing your GTM timelines and potentially saving thousands in budget. Our esteemed partners at Flow Circuits also aid by offering FREE virtual validation testing on designs. 

*Dependent on material availability and complexity of design 

We bridge the gaps between your vision and a physical product.

  • Get Customized Solutions

    Get individually customized solutions to even the most unique manifold challenges.

  • Quality Guarantee

    We take our quality assurance practices very seriously. We maintain rigorous standards at every step to meet and exceed expectations.

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  • Innovative Techniques

    Leverage our most advanced technology to create highly accurate and functional manifolds. 

  • Decades of Experience

    Use our team's knowledge to your benefit. Get an edge on your manifold production with us on your side.  

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