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We got you covered. With over 150 pages that set you up for success, our completely FREE e-book will guide you through the the twists and turns of plastic product design.

The perfect guide for both the new engineer and the seasoned designer

The perfect guide for both the new engineer and the seasoned designer

The perfect guide for both the new engineer and the seasoned designer

Created by our team of experienced professionals, woven with their own secrets for success

The perfect guide for both the new engineer and the seasoned designer

No more long hours of random Googling that result in subpar answers

What you will learn


Even the most seasoned teams have trouble deciding where to start when designing a new product. Very few have resources that clearly give direction and explain the process from start to finish. Even fewer give experienced insight that can save teams time and money without directionless fumbling.

HOW TO SAVE $1000s

After 2 years in development, we have gathered the best and most effective cost-saving techniques that we're passing on to you — completely free. We tell you how you can save potentially thousands on your next project.

Exclusive Design Tips

Our team has extensive experience, having decades in the plastic industry. You can expect that they have learned a thing or two over their career. They share their secrets with you in this exclusive guide meant only for our subscribers.


Valves, positive displacement pumps, and plugging manifolds: do you know what situations would need these features? What you think you know may not be the best solution. This guide might point you in another (maybe never considered) direction that could prove more beneficial.

What people say about it

"[This guide] has become an indispensable tool for our team, ensuring that we design the best products. Your dedication to excellence and transparency has solidified our trust in your company." 


Curran V.

Medical Diagnostics R&D Company

"The comprehensive nature of the guidebook is truly commendable. It provided clear and detailed directions on the entire manufacturing process, offering insights that have proven invaluable to our production team. From the initial stages of material selection to the final steps of quality control, every aspect was meticulously covered, allowing us to streamline our processes and enhance overall efficiency."


Theo N.
Aerospace Engineering Firm

The ultimate specialized design guide graphic

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