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Controlled Fluidics provides custom precision plastics machining services along with expert design and production support for bonded manifolds. All with extraordinary responsiveness and delivery speed.

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Premier Plastics Manufacturer for Specialized Applications

Whether it's a part, component, or an entire assembly or manifold, we work with established brands and newcomers alike to create products that save lives and innovate research.


With our team having decades of experience, we can give you the extra edge to get it right the first time. Save time, money, and headaches. 

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We specialize in solving today’s challenges in fluidic manifold design with smart compact design & total component integration.

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Specialized Machined Plastic Services

Learn more about our innovative & established plastic machining processes, support services, & the 30+ varieties of plastic materials used.

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As a premier certified plastics machine shop, Controlled Fluidics meets the needs of our customers across numerous specialized industries. 

ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and adhere to the following standards:
ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994

Quick Turnaround

Short lead times are a common challenge in a manufacturing landscape. We're committed to supporting our customers on even the tightest timelines.

Expert, Hands-on Guides

Our responsive engineers and designers will work with you to find solutions for even your most complicated plastic machining projects. 

30k Square Feet in 2 Sites

These facilities combine powerful machining and unique bonding capabilities to deliver your projects with accuracy, precision, and speed. 

60+ Years' Experience

Take advantage of our breadth and depth of combined experience in manufacturing. We've picked up a few tricks on the way. 

Specialized & Niche

Specialized and niche products are our specialty — even prototypes and limited release products. 

Markets we Serve

We serve organizations, companies, and businesses in a wide variety of industries. Whether your product needs to withstand the depths of outer space, intense military operations, or open heart surgery, our experts know exactly how to meet your project's most demanding specs.