Rigid, stable, USP Class VI material for medical components

photo of polycarbonate

Why choose Polycarbonate?

  • Remarkable impact strength and flexibility
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Optical clarity
  • Good insulating characteristics

What are some common Polycarbonate applications?

  • Electrical components
  • Medical device components

As a USP Class VI material, you will frequently find polycarbonate machined parts in the medical device industry. Available in clear or black, polycarbonate is readily polished and easy to see through. Polycarbonate has great dimensional stability and good strength and stiffness over a wide temperature range. It is used in electrical applications with low moisture absorption and good insulating properties.

At Controlled Fluidics, we use several varieties of polycarbonate, including:

  • Polycarbonate plate up to 4” thick
  • 20% glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate plate up to 3” thick
GradeProduct CharacteristicsCommon Applications
ZL 1600Machine grade, transparent, marginally influence by temperatureElectrical components, medical device components, Research instruments

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