Plastic Milling

High Quality Expert Plastic Milling Services

Extensive Plastic Milling Services

We offer milling capabilities from 5-axis machining to optical finishes and deep hole drilling in virtually all plastic materials — even difficult and rare materials. From shredding, grinding, pulverizing, and much more, we heavily consider sustainability and efficiency throughout each step. We also perform milling for micromachined parts, all to spec with speed and unparalleled accuracy.  

Expertise & Experience

Our experience began in the 1980s, and we continue to build on those skills to this day. Our team of design, engineering, and production experts have developed and produced prototypes to high volume runs. We do all this with the hallmark of high-quality that our customers have come to expect from us. We're with you every step of the way to provide the best experience possible. We get that it's more than the product: it's also the support and insight that make all the difference.

Our Plastic Milling Solutions & Processes

Providing Specialized Plastic Milling Results

Laser-Focused Shredding Techniques

Using the most current technology, we can take large pieces in almost every shape and cut it down to size. This makes for easier and more precise production.

Exacting Grinding Methods

Our innovation has granted us insight and perspective into the most efficient grinding methods possible that reduce waste.

Building Sustainability

While other manufacturers may not consider their effects on the planet, we use our available tools to ensure that we minimize the waste we create through our other plastic processes.

Energy Efficiency

Virtually all of our processes stand interconnected to one another, meaning that whatever savings we garner get passed on to the customer.

Other Additional Services

We perform other services in addition to milling plastic 

Need more for your product? We offer standard finishes for products that need to have under 32 µin and fine finishes to 2 RA for some applications. 

While milling works towards sustainability, plastic turning works with an extra fine point to create detailed and precise products available nowhere else. 

Not sure where to go with your design? Call on our experts to guide you through the entire process no matter where you currently are.