Plastic Component Prototype & Rapid Response

When time is of the essence

Transforming your ideas into reality

At the heart of innovation lies the determination to turn ideas into a tangible reality. 

Aiding Product Development

Our plastic component prototype service will help you evaluate your pre-manufactured product's plans using our decades of experience. Once finalized, we build out the product with the same close tolerances and commitment to quality as our regular production run when your demand scales up.

Delivered Without Delays

You can expect delivery of your high-caliber prototype within 1-2 weeks of product plans' final approval. We will work with you and your engineers throughout the production process to ensure that the final product meets your unique requirements, ensuring predictability and quality.


Whether you're an established producer seeking to develop a new product or a budding entrepreneur with a groundbreaking concept, our services bridge the gap between your vision and a tangible, functional product.

Decades of Expertise in Development

Take advantage of our experience to get insider information on the tips and tricks moving a design from your imagination into the real world.

Using Ahead of the Curve Techniques

Leverage the most advanced technology we have to create highly accurate and functional products. Assess feasibility and performance before full-scale production.

Customized Solutions

Get individually catered approaches and customized solutions to even the most unique challenges. From start to shipment, our team works closely with yours to ensure your vision comes to fruition with satisfaction.

Rapid Turnaround

Time is money, and your projects need attention right now. We have streamlined our prototyping process to minimize lead times to get your products to you quickly. Shorten your GTM times without sacrificing quality.

Cost & Time Efficient

Save yourself the headache of balancing budget with timelines. We have partnered with some ingenious businesses that believe in our steadfast commitment to quality while saving precious resources. See how they can help you in your projects. 


Our Quality Guaranteed

We take our quality assurance and control practices very seriously. When it comes to products that could save lives, we cannot afford to cut corners. We maintain rigorous standards at every step to meet and exceed product expectations.


Reach out to our expert team today to get started!


We're quick, but we still take the time to get to know your company and your products before production. We follow these steps to ensure we don't miss a thing. 


Step 1: Consultation

We would begin with an in-depth discussion of your project goals and specifications. Our team will use their decades of experience to advise you on the best prototyping method and materials for your specific application.


White plastic cube on top of engineering plans for cube

Step 2: Design & Modeling

Using your design files or working from your concept sketches, we then create detailed 3D models and simulations. You can even test your designs for validation in real time for free through our partners at Flow Circuits. Their ingenious software helps cut out weeks and save thousands in projects.


Step 3: Prototyping

We employ our relevant advanced manufacturing techniques to create your prototype. We want to ensure that it closely resembles the final product in terms of appearance, functionality, and durability.


Step 4: Testing & Feedback

We strongly encourage all clients and customers to test their prototypes rigorously and provide feedback. We can make any necessary revisions at this stage to affirm your complete satisfaction.

Photo of 2 layer manifold acrylic with printing

Step 5: Final Prototype

Once we have agreed and incorporated your feedback, we deliver the final prototype ready for your evaluation, presentation, or further development.