Lightweight and Durable Plastic Components for Aerospace Projects

Aerospace projects demand lightweight, durable, and accurate plastic machined parts and manifolds. Furthermore, bonded manifolds play a central role in the portable tarmac airplane-testing equipment used to check each plane sensor for accuracy prior to flight. Plastic manifolds are uniquely suited for providing the necessary pneumatic inputs for proper checks, thereby avoiding negative data issues once the plane is airborne.

When you entrust your aerospace project to the Controlled Fluidics team, you benefit from both our engineers; technical expertise and their expert-level understandings of the commercial requirements of aerospace projects. What does this mean for you? A smooth machining process resulting in a high-quality plastic machined part or manifold ready for utilization.

Materials for every Aerospace Project

We offer a complete selection of materials, listed below, well-suited for components destined for the aerospace industry. These materials - each lightweight, durable and accurate - offer ideal solutions for every defense industry project. Need help narrowing down your options? Contact our engineers, and we’ll help you select the best option for your specific project.