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Precision Meets Reliability

Products used in R&D need to perform consistently to high standards in their respective industries. Most know of the several types of unreactive plastics that increase a product's longevity and usefulness (as well as cost reduction). With us, you harness the power of precision with our state-of-the-art plastic machining. From labware to specialized testing equipment, we meticulously craft products to meet the exacting standards of the research and diagnostic industry.

Custom Testing Solutions

We produce precise and reliable plastic machined parts and manifolds necessary to complete scientific experiments in the most cost-effective way possible. Our clients use our manifolds for many research purposes, including DNA sequencing, environmental test devices, diagnostic instrumentation, and food quality control testing.

photo of bonded manifold with self tapping screws in face.

Consistent Collaboration

We specialize in extending the reaches of research through advanced plastic manufacturing techniques. With a team of seasoned expert engineers and designers, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to excellence, we deliver solutions that meet and exceed the demandingly high standards of the research and diagnostic industries.

Why Controlled Fluidics for Research & Diagnostic Device Manufacturing

We meet research and diagnostic organizations where they are and where they plan to go with their projects. Not every manufacturer can say that. While every project that comes to us have their differences, we understand the needs these industries absolutely must meet. Take advantage of the qualities to ensure your next project's continual success. 

Tailored To Unique Requirements

Whether your job calls for nonreactive material or optically clear, we offer reliable and high-quality solutions catered to each project's needs. Fully customizable and created for niche purposes. 

Quality is everything, especially in R&D and diagnostics. Our rigorous quality control ensures products leaving our facilities adhere to the highest industry standards without cutting corners. 

We have strict adherences to regulatory requirements from several organizations, including FDA, USDA, and ISO standards among several others to provide peace of mind and confidence in your production partner.

Our Services

We offer specialized plastic machining services and manufacturing for research instruments, components, and even micromachining the smallest parts for compact assemblies.  

Streamlined Access to Specialized Plastics

Our key partnerships place us in the unique position to get specialized nonreactive and certified resins fast without compromising safety, quality, or reliability. 

Prototyping & Design Support

Partner with us from concept to shipment. Our team offers prototyping and design support to ensure that your vision manifests into a tangible and functional reality.

Sustainable Solutions

We work to ensure our eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials contribute to a healthier planet while maintaining the high standards required for diagnostic and research applications.

Get in touch with us and reserve your no-obligation consultation with our team of experts for your next project.

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